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During my sessions I use the techniques of Cranial Fluid Dynamics, a tool that helps to “listen” to the emerging aspects on a body level. Seeing, listening to and naming the elements of your individual story can act as an impulse to your organism and remind the body to (re)turn towards well-being.


Ontological Kinesiology is useful when…

  • you want to learn more about the deeper cause of what is 
    bothering you
  • you have an allergy or other chronic problem               
  • your "problem" appears to be resolved but then returns
  • you feel stuck in your life
  • you are looking for a new direction in life
  • you want to support your conventional therapy as a parallel process


Please note that sessions in Ontological Kinesiology and Cranial Fluid Dynamics do not replace medical treatment.


price per session: (approx. 60 minutes) 80 €


For appointments please call 0676 5515513

Lilienbrunngasse 3, 1020 Vienna (near city-center, 2 minutes from Schwedenplatz, easy to reach by subway U1/4 and tram line 2)